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A Drury student peers at an egg yolk in a science lab.

“Is higher ed dead?” That’s probably the last sentence you thought you’d read in your Drury Magazine. However, it’s an important one to ask. Higher learning is facing a unique set of challenges right now, not the least of which is public perception. When success can be found through the simple click of a mouse, what’s the value of a post-secondary degree? In this issue of Drury Magazine, we aim to answer just that. In talks with Drury leadership and through the eyes of a freshman, we unravel where higher ed is headed, how it’s changing and why Drury is poised to stand out from the pack. We also don’t shy away from the elephant in the room – student debt. You’ll read four unique perspectives on the issue and, hopefully, gain insights into your fellow Drury community members. Is higher ed dead or is it simply dead as we know it today? Transformation is never easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.